Reliable RX

Reliable RX connects with the primary physician for every patient, keeping telemedicine on its toes

“Reliable RX is a document procuring company for pharmacy-based organizations. We are fully HIPPA compliant!

With us, the unending rat race with patient physicians while trying to get the required documentation for 3rd party reimbursement is eliminated.

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing, with telemedicine becoming illegal. We are here to get back the control of prescribing, back to the main physicians.”

We’re Home!

We’re a US-based company, not a marketing company with call centers running in Asia and South America.


We employ the services of professionals with decades’ worth of experience in the health care market/industry.

We’re Dynamic!

We understand the changing needs of the healthcare market, which is why we provide unwavering professional service.

Reliable RX delivers turnkey solutions created bearing in mind the needs of the changing healthcare system

Patient documentation has become so crucial with the surge in health plan financing. The authenticity of the data is verified by credible government agencies and Medicare.

Reliable RX ensures the accuracy of patient information by involving the patient’s physician and our HIPPA compliant platform adheres to every regulation.

We dispel frustration in telemedicine. The patients’ reference doctor works in compliance for maximum service.

By utilizing Reliable RX time and money-saving proprietary platform, you get a better outcome while cutting down paperwork.

Our distinctive patient/doctor model not just heightens patients’ satisfaction but also strictly adheres to compliance for 3rd party reimbursement.


Cancer Genomics

Hereditary Cancer Marker Screening aids in identifying if you have genes which are linked to some types of cancers. It’s crucial to detect these early.


Pharmacogenomics Test can be instrumental in determining the required dosages and medications which would perform excellently for YOU!

Alzheimer Screening

Thanks to our advanced tech platforms alongside dedicated medical staff, we offer support for the all-new genetic testing for Alzheimer’s.

Cardiac/lipid screening

Reliable RX handles the needed documentation for 3rd party reimbursement for next-gen pharmacogenomics cardiac tests.

CGX, PGX, and Other Testing Labs are prime targets of Telemedicine Fraud Investigations

With the aid of Reliable RX, you can rest assured knowing you’re abiding by government regulations.

The multistate, DME and international telemarketing scheme that allegedly happened in 17 federal judicial districts has seen two dozen people indicted.

Over $1.7 billion in claims were submitted to Medicare by 130 DME companies, of which $900 million was paid, resulting in federal losses of at least $1 billion.

It’s alleged that the swindled money is siphoned by international shell corporations, and the monies used for extravagant luxury purchases including yachts, automobiles and real estate within and outside the United States.

For federal prosecutors, this investigation is one of the grandest scale healthcare fraud schemes.

There were criminal indictments disclosed this week against 24 people, notably including physicians, CEOs, COOs, and several top executives of five (5) telemedicine companies, alongside owners of 130 durable medical equipment companies spread over 17 federal judicial districts all playing roles in scheming to bilk $1.2 billion off Medicare.

According to prosecutors, DME companies allegedly pay bribes and kickbacks to gain referrals of Medicare beneficiaries from physicians working with fraudulent telemedicine companies offering an unnecessary shoulder, back, knee, and wrist braces

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